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Wine in the Grandhotel Lienz

Enjoying wine at the 5-star Grandhotel Lienz is an experience not to be missed for both wine connoisseurs and wine lovers. As soon as you enter our restaurants you will get an idea of the special wine experience awaiting you. A glass panel laid in the floor allows an impressive view into the fantastically stocked wine cellar. Along the walls you will see our specially climatic wine cabinets which keep the taste and temperature of the wine as it should be …

Just from these first impressions you will get an idea of our large assortment of wine. Delicious wines from our large choice come from exquisite vineyards and top wine-growing destinations around the world.

For such a large choice we naturally have a very knowledgeable head waiter to make recommendations and choose the perfect wine for you. He looks forward to sharing his comprehensive knowledge of wine, and their place of production, with you along with providing you with delicious wines to try, sample and enjoy…

The wine list at the 5-star Grandhotel Lienz is as varied and international as our guests. We have more than 150 types of wine for you to choose from.

As a special highlight at 5-Star Grandhotel Lienz we can organise a stylish wine tasting session with exquisite wine, or at request we can organise wine seminars for both large and small groups.

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