Project Description

Medical Massages

Classic Partial Massage

Classic deep massage for loosening the muscles of a specific part of your body

 25 Minutes
Price: € 39,-

Classic Full Body Massage

Classic deep massage for loosening the muscles, increasing blood circulation and simply improving your well-being

50 Mintues
Price: € 65,-

Full Body Massage De Luxe

Classic Full Body Massage and you can choose between Avocado, Coconut Oil or Menthol Oil

50 Minutes
Price: € 69,-


Powerful massage technique for the active sport enthusiast

50 Minutes
Price: € 73,-

Combination Massage

Back massage in combination with reflexology massage for a deep effective therapy using local herbal products

 50 Minutes
Price: € 68,-

Lymphatic Drain

This very gentle massage technique intensively stimulates the lymph flow and helps in ridding the body of toxins (ideal during weight loss).

50 Minutes
Price: € 68,-

 80 Minutes
Price: € 99,-

“Gold of the Dolomites” Back Therapy or Full Body Massage

Do you have any pains, mobility issues or blockages? The massage therapist will use special Massage Techniques to create a Massage just for you focusing on your specific problems

50 Minutes
Price: € 68,-

Gold of the Dolomites Herbal Oil Massage

Classic Full Body Massage with the Wonderful Strengths of the Alps. With Local Herbail Oils and Extracts this Massage will become a Natural Experience. Based on the Moon Phases the corresponding oil will be selected and gives you a feeling of pure Relaxation

 50 Minutes
Price: € 68,-

Foot Reflexology Massage

A reflective massage with local Herbal Products using “The reflex map of the foot”

40 Minutes
Price: € 59,-

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