Project Description

Medical Center

The basis of our Medical Center is modern science-based medicine, which also takes into account the latest developments. Traditional medicine, where it has its important place, complementary medicine (traditional Chinese medicine, classical homeopathy, physiotherapy, osteopathy) where it additionally helps, or where it is a proven alternative – this is Symbiomed.

Experience and years of sound training in complementary medicine founded this concept. The ambiance of the practice is also remarkable. Warm room tones and art objects convey the impression of an extraordinary medical practice. It should invite feeling of well-being and health, fear of anticipation and technology are brought into the background.

Convince yourself of how health and wellness go hand in hand to increase your personal well-being.

For submission to your health insurance or private insurance you will receive a doctor’s letter with specification of all services.

Medical Checks

Examination Rooms

250m² area 

Two doctor rooms
Four Treament and Therapy rooms
Ultra Sound and Ergometer facilities
a Special Spine and Movement Coordination Area

The Administration

Univ. Prof. Dr. Peter Lechleitner

He is an internationally renowned doctor for internal medicine, gastroenterology, nephrology and cardiology.

In addition, he has a Diploma for Sports Medicine, Homeopathy, Acupuncture and Cancer Therapy.

The Team

A 5-Person Team cares for the well-being of our Guests
a Cardiologist
a Dermatologist
a Sports Medicine Specialist
a Yoga Therapist
an Osteopath

Medical Checks