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Fly Fishing in the Dolomites

Fishing is as old as humankind, and fly fishing is probably the most enjoyable way to catch fish. When fly fishing you can experience nature intensely, whether in the torrential water of a river, in a small stream or in the calm clear water of a mountain lake. It means becoming one with the river, the stream, the lake and its inhabitants. It means much more than just catching fish, but in fly fishing you have to deal with the laws of nature and their natural processes in the water. Leaping skills, consistent equipment and a deep understanding of fish and water make this form of fishing an incredible experience of natureThe hunt for the biggest fish is not th main goal, but respect and understanding for the living beings in and around the water. The art of outwitting a selected fish with the self-tied fly is an everlasting challenge. Nothing can be forced, everything is possible, fly fishing requires a high degree of concentration on the essentials in nature. It sharpens the view for the essential, a true natural experience far away from virtual worlds of illusion.

The Experience of Fishing in East Tyrol

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