Project Description

Grandhotel Figure Pure Concept

Individuality and perfect advice are the keys to success. Trust our experts who will create the perfect figure-pure concept for you.

To Firm, Tighten, Mold

“Body Morphose”

Intensive Peeling massage, Firming Massage, Problem Zone Focus. Available as Single Treatment or Package of 3!

75 Minutes
€ 144,-

€ 345,-

Body Strategist

Stimulation Massage with Milk Acidity Activator, firming body pack, Special Focus on Problem zones and modelling body lotion (optimal by loss of Skin Elasticity).

75 Minutes
€ 109,-

“Grand Slim” Improve
& Tighten Contours

For Reduction and stimulation of the body’s active ingredients with individual Figure Form Massage.

110 Minutes
€ 135,-

“Cinetic Lift” High Tech Body treatments

Micro Electricity – Ultrasound – Chromotherapy

An innovative, refining and firming program that targets the critical areas and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

Carita “Cinetic Lift Body” 

– Strengthens loose tissue
– Smoothes the skin
– Reduces cellulite
– Stimulates lymphatic activity

75 Figure Minutes
€ 149,-

€ 390,-

Against Cellulite

Body Strategist
“Anti Cellulite”

Highly effective problem zone treatment with introduction of the Catalyst, essential oils and detoxifying algae with individual Anti-Cellulite Massage.

50 Minutes
€ 85,-

Problem Zone Massage

Detoxifying – Smoothing – Remodelling

25 Minutes
€ 49,-

50 Minutes
€ 75,-

Body Strategist Wrap
with Problem zone Focus

Essential Aromatherapy Oils and active ingredients to drain water in the fight against oedematous Cellulite, Orange Skin and Fat Cushions. Improves the Micro Circulation, provides the tissues with Oxygen and gives an immediate feel of glowing vitality.

50 Minutes
€ 85,-

Heavy, Tired Legs

 St. Barth Slimness

The Relaxing decongesting leg massage with Ivy Gel and Menthol Oil.

30 Minutes
€ 45,-

Medical Lymph Drainage

30 Minutes
€ 45,-

Vital Leg “Floating in the Clouds”

Intensive cooling, water draining leg treatment for tired, heavy legs. Recommend for vascular problems, after Vein Operation, for heat feelings in the legs.

 30 Minutes
€ 45,-

 50 Minutes
€ 75,-



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