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Body Peeling Massages
“Softness you can Feel”

Gold of the Dolomites Herb Peeling

Nature pure paired with the moon phase
Price: € 41,- 


Soothing, heavenly aromas, peeling massage
Price: € 41,- 

Thalasso Algae Sea Salt Peeling Massage

Price: € 41,- 

 St. Barth Softness

Caribbean Peeling Ritual

25 Minutes
Price: € 41,- 

45 Minutes
Price: € 65,- 

Relaxing peeling massage with coconut oil and papaya mousse for soft, smooth and even skin tone. Ideal as a preparation for a long-lasting, even Tan.

Our Body Peeling Massages are optimal in Combination with a Massage or Body Pack

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