Grandhotel Lienz - Lienz, Tyrol, 9900, Austria

Enjoy your days on the E-Bike or Hiking and get a FREE Medical Check-Up!

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Dear East Tyrol Vacationers!

We invite you to the beautiful Holiday Spot in East Tyrol to part take in a health tourist study. The goal of the study is to find out what type of Vacation is ideal for Bodily regeneration and mental release.

Participants must be physically fit and feel healthy; they must be between the ages of 30 and 70, they have at least 1 week time for vacation and they would like to enjoy East Tyrol at least 5 days per week by E-Bike or Hiking.

The Benefits
Participants will have their heart and kidneys examined, will find out their Fitness level, their stress level ,their stress and regeneration abilities and will find out what their vacation has done for their well-being all for FREE! (The value of the examinations are approx.€1,500.00 per Person)

Where will examinations take place?
In the hotels very own Medical Center where you will have an examination and consultation with the doctor at the beginning and end of your week.

What examinations will be done?
Resting EKG and Stress-EKG, Lung Examination, Ultrasound of the Heart, 24-Hour-EKG- Recording with a small bag to register your breathing and your stress and recovery levels. Through this you will find out your “Stress Time” and if Burn Out a risk is for you; Blood and Hair Tests and a Survey. You can end the program at any time and are not in any form of commitment.

Contact the reception if you are interested in joining our study!


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