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Gluten Free Nutrition

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We admit, we are not a Diet Kitchen! However, we see the preparation of gluten free dishes not as a burden, but as a challenge.

We know exactly what we are doing so it really is not any problem for us to meet your dietary needs.

  • The spices that we use are free from all additives, which avoids a major hazard.
  • Our soups do not have any kind of processed soup powder
  • Our sauces are prepared in a way that no products containing gluten are added.
  • Meat and Fish, are always grilled without flour so as to preserve the real flavours.

We could always trick you and serve you pre-prepared gluten free foods, but that is not our style! We have a variety of substitutes for some of the favourite dishes, that sadly contain gluten.

  • Instead of noodles, we can prepare risotto
  • Instead of Grießnockerln (semolina) we create for you Polentanockerln
  • Instead of our famous Austrian Dumplings we will create Paunzen – a gluten free dumpling
  • and of course we have our Quinoa Cakes which are always a hit!

Now, the most important question – what about dessert?

  • From Sorbets to Mousse
  • from Panna Cotta to Creme Brulee, we have a variety of desserts just for you!
  • If you are in the mood for cake we also have our Chocolate Cake that is 100% a Guilty Pleasure and 100% Gluten Free.

There is only one request from you:

When making your reservation, please inform us of your dietary restrictions so that we can prepare something especially for you.

Warm regards from the Kitchen,

Christian Flaschberger and Team


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