Grandhotel Lienz - Lienz, Tyrol, 9900, Austria

Warmth for your Well-Being in all Variations

  • Dampfbad 1
  • Finische und bio Sauna
  • Dampfbad

Beneficial warmth in all variations. In the Grand Hotel Lienz Sauna Area the four saunas and steam rooms provide health and relaxation. Provide your body with beauty, energy and health in the way that suits you best.

  • Classic sauna pleasure in the "Schwitzstube" (90°C),
  • Skin caring and circulation boosting perspiration in the Bio-Sauna (60°C)
  • Experience especially healthy saunas according to an ancient Roman model in the Laconium (dry heat, 50°C)
  • Aromatic experience in the Osman Steam Room (50°C).
  • In the Serail Bath treat yourself to a full body pack with beneficial mud or Aroma peelings in a relative high air humidity. You will experience an incomparable feeling of relaxation and be carried away into the fascinating world of the Arabian Nights!

SERAIL BATH For Him & Her 20-25 min (approx)
As you enter the mysterious world of the Rhasul bath, you will be surrounded by age old wisdom about Health, Beauty and Skin Care. An aromatic natural herb fragrance fills the room and receives you in their world, allowing you to forget everyday life. Choose from following treatments:

  • Seaweed Peeling (Thermarium)
  • Seasalt - Aroma Oil - Wellnesspack for "Detoxification"
  • East Tyrol Honey-Herb Pack for "Metabolism Stimulation and Nurturing"
  • Mudpack for "Moisturizing"

€ 30,--/ Person
€ 28,--/Person when 4 Persons use this treatment


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