Grandhotel Lienz - Lienz, Tyrol, 9900, Austria

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The Medical Center at The Grand Hotel Lienz, is exclusively available for your health. It enables you to enjoy a maximum sense of well-being and health improvement.

Under the management of accredited specialist Univ. Prof. Dr. Peter Lechleitner you will be counselled and cared for by qualified specialists who will draw on your full potential and activate reserves for the improvement of your well-being through effective exercise, nutrition, and relaxation programmes.

Our strength is in our combination of the latest scientific and complimentary medicine measures. The highest level of quality, tried and tested methods, scientific verifiability, and excellent qualifications of our staff can all be expected at the Grandhotel Lienz Medical Wellness Center.

Medically cared for, you can benefit from the quality and professionalism of our qualified personnel in exclusive and atmospheric treatment rooms; enjoy improving your health at the highest level of service. Warm colours corresponding to elements of traditional Chinese medicine and original pieces of artwork lead you away from the sterile ambiance of a classic doctor's practice and serve as the perfect environment to benefit your well-being.

You will also receive documentation for all the tests and treatments that you will undergo with us so that you can claim the costs from your insurance company.


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