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Come Hunting with Us!

Hunting in East Tyrol

In collaboration with the Hunting Association in St. Jacob, Defereggental, we have put together a unique offer for our guests interested in hunting.

As your family allows themselves to be spoiled at the Grandhotel, the ambitious hunters can go on the hunt with a trained hunting guide in the area of St. Jacob.

In the middle of the Hohe Tauren National Park, 50 kilometers from the Grandhotel Lienz, lies the Defereggental. This is one of the most untouched high mountain valleys in the Alps.

Surrounded by the Defereffen Mountains, the "Rieserferner group, the Lasörling and Schober group, one can completely enjoy the quiet and untouched areas.

In a 4600 hectar area in St. Jacob you find the regular Alp Wild Animals  and Game Species including  capercaillie, black grouse, snow and field hares, red deer and chamois, marmots, martens, foxes and numerous bird species.

In particular, the area is great for hunting Chamois (from 1.8 until the 31.12), Black Grouse (the first two weeks in May) and Marmots (from the 15.8 until the 30.9). Hunting is only allowed with a valid Tyrol Hunting Card and with a Hunting guide.

If you would like to go hunting in the Defereggental, while your family allows themselves to be spoiled at the Grandhotel Lienz, then please contact our coordinators at the Grandhotel Lienz, either Johannes Westreicher or Elisabeth Simonitsch. You can also directly contact the St. Jacob Hunting Association via their Homepage or the Tyroler Hunting Association


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